Business-For-Business Partner Program

Apollo is promoting its "Business-For-Business" or b4b partner program and establishing a network of business partners. Program is designed for various IT, consulting and Internet companies and Apollo would like to invite all the ISVs, ASPs, VARs, management, business and ERP Consulting, Solution Providers, System Integrators and others to jointly realize eBusiness projects worldwide.

Software-as-a-Service model is certain future of the business computing. Midrange enterprise applications market is huge, and predicted weaker IT spending will further boost the demand for cost effective solutions in all market segments.

ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions are very competitive on the global market, and with attractive pricing we offer they represent a promising business opportunity. ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions are market ready and partnering with Apollo would save long, long time of development and substantial amount of investment.

We would like to invite you to join the b4b program. Please send your enquiry with brief company profile to our contact form and we'll contact you immediately with adequate proposal.