Apollo is an Independent Software Vendor established 1992 in Belgrade, Serbia, and specialized in eBusiness solutions in Oracle environment. From the beginning company has maintained technology leadership on the local and regional market in alliance with global IT industry leaders, such as Oracle and IBM all the time, used to be Olivetti, Digital/Compaq and Computer Associates, and today also HP, Sun, Intel and Red Hat.

"In 10 years, all software will be delivered as an online service", said Larry Ellison in 2001. But yet from 1999, when Apollo started to redesign its flagship product ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions to hosted architecture, company slogan is "your way to the Internet computing". This fourth generation (G4) is shared web application designed for hosted architecture and SaaS business model. The production version of ApolloG4 ERP was released in September 2001 when Apollo has started to establish network of local and international distribution and implementation partners.

Target markets for solutions included in ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions are all size businesses worldwide. Solutions are advanced midrange enterprise applications, which include planning and accounting integrated with core business processes (finance, purchase and sales with eCommerce, inventory, production and maintenance management, insurance and higher education with library management). Solutions are designed for delivery over the Internet, although they could be deployed as a standard Web packaged applications in a licensing model. ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions support multicompany operations from the single instance of application and database which greatly simplifies application management and maintenance.

Advanced features make ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions attractive for enterprise market in multinational environment also, like multilevel hierarchical structure of (in)dependent companies with sharing of common data and consolidation of reports and statements, simultaneous multilanguage user-dependent interface, multiple accounting schemes in each company, flexible tax and multicurrency operations, etc.

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