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ApolloG4 - eBusiness SaaS Solutions

The Software-as-a-Service business model is impacting the software industry and how customers acquire business functionality and solutions. In this model, application functionality is delivered through a subscription model over the Internet. The customer does not take ownership of the software, but instead rents a total solution that is delivered remotely.

ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions have been among the first SaaS integrated eBusiness solutions available at the global market. They are based on the latest generation of the superior foundation, ApolloG4 eBusiness Platform, which has passed through four versions/generations in four major architectures in its more than decade long lifetime. The fourth generation of Platform is from the ground up designed for SaaS business model and based on the latest Oracle technologies.

Solutions included in ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions are revolutionary cost effective for companies of all sizes in broad range of industries. Three currently supported solutions are:

  • ApolloG4 Insurance, global integrated insurance solution,
  • ApolloG4 ERP, eBusiness management system for broad range of industries; production, service/maintenance, distribution, trade..., and
  • ApolloG4 University, higher education solution with library management.

ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions are complex transactional and interactive applications that cover integrated planning and accounting with core business processes. They support complete multinational business operations with unlimited number of simultaneous interface languages, multicompany and multiaccounting operations, with flexible tax and currency handling.

ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions History

  • 1995, G1 - Centralized architecture, character user interface,
  • 1997, G2 - Client/server architecture, graphical UI,
  • 1999, G3 - Three-tier Web architecture, client graphical browser, and
  • 2001, G4 - Hosted architecture, shared SaaS applications.

Key Features

  • Advanced shared eBusiness solutions in hosted architecture which cover complete business operations,
  • Completely integrated modular systems that allow for a high level of customization and comprehensive functionalities,
  • Easy-to-Use, browser based, intuitive design requires little training,
  • Revolutionary cost effective SaaS solutions, breakthrough in price/performance,
  • 24×7 availability, AnyTime & AnyWhere concept,
  • Scalable, any size organization will benefit, and
  • Secure, based on Oracle's "Unbreakable" technologies.

SaaS Model Benefits

  • Data processing becomes service for the first time in the computing history,
  • Zero upfront investment, no additional hardware or software required,
  • Subscription or utility model billing,
  • Rapid implementation, reduced risks,
  • No ongoing maintenance costs, and
  • Simplified system administration.

How is cost effectiveness achieved?

  • Set of special tools facilitates quick and efficient implementation,
  • No software licenses and maintenance fees,
  • Reduced hardware investment and maintenance, and
  • Simplified system administration.

ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions Functionalities

  • Advanced Business Process Management subsystem integrated, business processes modeled and represented by the flow of documents,
  • Document Management subsystem, of eMail client type, is the backbone of system operations and user interface,
  • Planning integrated "from the top" with all core business processes,
  • Accounting completely integrated "on the bottom" with all the other business processes, each financial, inventory and production document is posted according to its predefined accounting model,
  • Multinational business support with unlimited number of interface languages and flexible tax and currency system,
  • Each solution (ApolloG4 ERP, Insurance, University) consists its specific integrated B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) subsystems,
  • No restrictions imposed in coding system, all codes limited to 32 UTF-8 characters,
  • User group (role) dependent flexible menu structure and authorizations, and
  • Flexible layout of forms and reports.

Functional Subsystems

  • Accounting and Finance with Fixed Assets
  • Human Resources with Salaries
  • Purchase and Sales & eCommerce
  • Inventory,
  • Production and
  • Maintenance Management
  • Insurance Management & eInsurance
  • Higher Education with Library Management & eUniversity

Competitive Comparison - Distinguishing Features

  • Among the first SaaS integrated eBusiness solutions available at the global market,
  • Latest architecture and technologies, design is well proven through previous versions and number of implementations,
  • Functionalities are comprehensive and all core business processes are integrated with planning and accounting,
  • The clear technical advantage is that ApolloG4 eBusiness Platform is designed from ground up for SaaS model. Solutions are real shared applications as all users share the same forms and reports, and that highly simplifies application management and maintenance,
  • Oracle 11g "Unbreakable" is system environment, so scalability, as well as reliability, availability and security, are provided superbly by platform,
  • Hardware independent, could be deployed on all Oracle supported platforms, but
  • The major competitive advantage of ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions is cost effectiveness. Besides extremely short implementation (typically from 20 man/days on site for 5-10 users, to 30 man/days for 10-20 users), costs of application support, maintenance and further development is relatively low, as team is located in Belgrade. Thus, cost effectiveness is assured and very attractive pricing is offered to the market.

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